Pick and Pack

The Pick and Pack Service

Pick and pack distribution is a process where goods are selected from shipments and individually re-packaged for distribution to a particular destination or retail outlet. The warehouse receives shipments of a product; these shipments may be large or small. The shipment is stored in the warehouse and entered into an inventory management system.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Services

Efficiency – Pick and pack distribution is efficient and time-saving for businesses. The process eliminates the “middle-man” often required when goods must be collected from different storage facilities and then sent somewhere else to be packaged and labeled. Pick and pack distribution allows everything to be done in one place
Cost-Effective – Pick and pack distribution is cost-effective, because the process is meant to handle varying sizes of orders, so minimum order charges usually do not apply.

Short Turnaround Cycle – Highly organized management and effective handling techniques allow shipments to reach destinations quickly.

Careful handling and speedy delivery are important to businesses. Pick and pack distribution is a cost-effective solution for many businesses and just one of many service offered by 101 New York Logistics.