Trading Division

The business success of the original mother company, Gramans Commercial, sired a full-blown trading company which became a leading consumers goods sourcing company. It moves around a network of suppliers and manufacturers abroad in order to meet the demands of local merchants and companies. It also serves as an extension of the clients’ buying operations. It irons out the complexities of market sourcing, transport, warehouse and even financing for clients. The trading arm of the Gramans Group consists of two branches: GRAMANS FASHION, INC and GSS MANKO.

GRAMANS FASHION, INC acts a direct importer-wholesaler cum product development. It has the most comprehensive sourcing for department store and corporate needs. Products are sourced from Hong Kong, Bangkok, China and rapidly expanding in the Far East. Its network of suppliers along with research and product development enables customized sourcing options to meet client specifications.

While Soft Lines (Fashion Apparel) is the major category, sourcing also includes a wide range of Hard Lines (non-apparel such as Home Furnishing, House Wares, Toys, Watches, Gift Premiums and Novelties), and Industrial Products.